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Chris Guscott

Chris Guscott

My love of music started as early as the mid to late sixties listening into the Pirates and Luxembourg late at night, although having a respect for all music genres I quickly found a craving for bluebeat, ska and reggae. Sadly Pama records went bust in the early 70s but to our delight Woollys bought all their stock and knocked out 45’s and LP’s for next to nothing, so all my hard earned cash was spent establishing my collection. I still have many of those today some of which are worth a small fortune.

I now needed an outlet for my tunes, Equipment just wasn’t available so next thing was knocking together some decks, Garrard SP25 mk 2’s together with an old clapped out Kelly Valve PA amp and some Carlsbro speakers. I was on the road at last and started playing all my Reggae and Soul tunes to whoever gave me the opportunity.

Not to miss an opportunity a good mate got me into hospital Radio, which took me to a new level, using equipment I could have only dreamed of.

By this time I was playing early Bob James stuff, Tower of Power, Motown, Jazz and Fusion but anything on labels like Verve, KUDU or CTI or any imported stuff etc etc was good for me.

One thing I learnt was to except any gig, paid or unpaid, as it always opens doors and it did, as I started what was to be a two year stint at the King of Clubs, doing the Monday cabaret night and the Saturday night, with the odd help out during other times and meeting legends like Sean French Tony Hodges and the 210 DJ’s Mike Reed and Howard Pearce. By this time Disco was in full swing and that mixed with soul music was the dance floor scene, with a few help outs at Windsor Safari park Disco and a couple of Stints at the Belvedere while continuing to do the mobile gigs.

I had a short spell helping out with Radio Sunshine Int a short wave pirate station broadcasting from Berkshire which believe you me, at that time of suppressed communication, was an absolute buzz, getting cards and letters from Holland and across Europe. Sadly the station was raided ‘one Sunday lunchtime’ and the authorities removed our transmitters and tore down the large transmitting antenna, a sad day for Pirate radio.

Over the last fifteen years I have rekindled my love for playing the music we love and now play at a few venues ‘if Im lucky enough’ throughout the year. My love for Soul, Jazz, reggae and dance music is still strong but most of all I think is if you are passionate about your music you have this compelling need to share it, and that is what gives me my greatest pleasure.

Listen in to my show ‘lets go round again’ why don’t ya every Thursday 21.00 to 23.00 hrs you just might hear a tune or two you like.